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Wonder is like an online idea accelerator.
We help people get ideas, grow them into startups, and companies to innovate faster.

Creativity training

The app is an idea companion that trains your creative and ideation skills. There are no theories to learn, just games to play.

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Innovation platform

Wonder doesn't just organize your team's ideas, it helps you spark their creativity and structure innovation.

How it works


Wonder is also a community for sharing and testing ideas and getting inspired by the ideas of others from around the world. Gather inspiration for a marketing campaign or your next novel.

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No need to get creative with your budget.

With a Wonder account you can boost your creativity by simply playing and start logging your brilliant ideas. You also get access to our inspirational idea-sharing community.


  • Creativity boosting games
  • Idea journal
  • Inspirational community
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Upgrade to Premium and store more details for your ideas. You will also be able to set your own focus questions when ideating.


  • Own creative territories
  • Detailed ideas
$ 3 Month
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Create teams and challenges, and invite others to generate ideas with you. Use analytics to study how your team's creativity works and get an overview of the ideas they generate.


  • Create teams
  • Launch challenges
  • Idea analytics
$ 25 Month
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